I vaguely remember starting a blog, once upon a time. It was solely for the purpose of letting friends and family members see pics of my kids. I never intended to make a statement, have followers, and had I don’t think pinning existed in 2007.
I stopped blogging because life got busy, but then eventually I became unable to type. It seemed that all of my creative outlets were disappearing with the loss of mobility in my right hand. I can’t forget the pain that went with typing and writing.
Fast forward to 2015, and now I’m somewhat of a blog reader. I’m finding myself wanting to put a few of my thoughts online. I’m pretty sure no one is reading this anymore, so I think I can safely type a few therapeutic posts without criticism.
I found out in December of 2014 that I have Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease. Thus the pain and difficulty using my right hand. When the doctor said those words, my life changed. I find myself saying, “now that I have Parkinson’s…,” but the truth is that I have had it for years. It sure seems like things feel worse now. Does that mean that now I’m more aware of it, I notice every little symptom? Every time I read about Parkinson’s I find at least on thing that describes me. How did I live for 6 years, seeing countless doctors and therapists of different sorts, and miss this diagnosis? Or, did my symptoms recently ramp up? Does PD just do that? Did something in my life trigger the PD going to another level? So many questions about this disease….
I’m not exactly sure what I’m hoping to gain by typing here. I admit that I am just following a little urge on this holiday off of work.
While PD isn’t the only thing I want to talk about, it sure is a big thing. I know in my heard that there is not a cure for this disease. But, I want to believe that I can walk though it well. Can I do some other things for my body, like diet and exercise, and help me operate at the best level possible? I want to believe I can. I’d love to find anyone else who wants to walk that journey in wisdom. I can’t make health my god, but I sure find myself dwelling on it a lot.
I must save some musing for a later date. Hopefully, not for 8 years from now. We’ll see.



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