after the rain

Rainy days leave my kids sick with cabin fever. Grace asked if they could go out when it stopped raining and spash in the puddles. Sunday night, no place to be, and they all needed a bath, anyway. What could be the harm?
luke-mud.jpg muddy-grace.jpg


thoughts of a 4 year old boy

So, a good friend calls a few evenings ago to tell me she is pregnant! I then sat down at the dinner table and told my family. The kids counted, and we currently have 8 friends who are pregnant! (They are hoping to make it to 10). Then, with a straight face, Grant comments, “I don’t know any pregnant kangaroos. Do you?”

Home again

We arrived in last night from a 5 day trip to Weatherford, Oklahoma. Randy went with us, but needed to be back for work, so he took the train home on Monday. He enjoyed the experience and hopes we can all ride it someday! The rest of us stayed to see Randy’s sister, Melanie, and her kids from Pennsylvania. The kids don’t get to see their cousins very much, and I decided that was worthy of missing school. We had a nice visit, but I am afraid we corrupted 4 yr.old Caleb by giving him a light saber for his birthday. I hope his mom is ready for Jedi Caleb!

We are soooo glad to be home in our own beds, but a special thanks goes out to Jay for giving up his room for us. Randy’s other sister, Michelle, is a gracious host, and we couldn’t survive without Riley taking care of all the little ones.

Family time is good time.

We are currently in the state of having nothing available to eat! The kids fussed when I pulled muffins out of the freezer. I understood why when I took a bite of one. I often ask the question, “Why isn’t there anyone who delivers breakfast?” I would be so thrilled to see a man with warm donuts standing at my door!

We must go to the grocery, wash some laundry, and I am still on track to have my garage sale tomorrow. And by “on track” I mean I will be up all night!

The show must go on!



I should note that Caleb, on the left, is only 4 years old, and Luke is 8!
Caleb and Luke


Ballerina girl

I can’t resist posting pics of my beautiful baby girl in her first ballet recital! Actually this was dress rehearsal, but I took pictures today so I can enjoy the performance tomorrow night! She is quite lovely. What is prettier than a girl in a pink tutu?
grace-sitting.jpg graceryah.jpg


It seems as if we are in the process of selling our house. I say it that way because we weren’t really trying to sell it. We put a For Sale sign in the yard from September to December and didn’t get any offers. Then, wonderful new neighbors arrived and we decided to stay. Long story short, two couples were interested, and some friends of ours from church ended up offering to buy it! So, we thought we would sell it to ’em! I think it is going to be weird to come to Life Group in this house when it is not my house.

Were are we going? you might ask. Good question. We feel pretty good about renting for a while and seeing where God takes us after that. I don’t like to only see God in the circumstances, like God wants us to move because this house is selling so easily. We hear Him telling us to rent, and that is as far as He has filled us in.

Randy loves his new position as Director of the Baylor Magazine, (which was a promotion, by the way!) and he is pretty busy. Too busy to take on another fixer-upper at the moment.

So, I must go and begin the packing process. I think I will start with the closets. Any suggestions from someone who has packed well before?


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living-room.jpg grace-room.jpg

Easter Egg Hunt

On Good Friday, our little playgroup gets together (almost) every year for an Easter Egg Hunt. This time it was in our backyard. We had 19 kids and 6 moms! I always think I am going to have these amazing pictures of my kids, all dressed up, finding brightly colored eggs. Never happens. All dressed up rarely happens, and even then they are way too busy looking for eggs to stop and smile for the camera!
We always enjoy our time together, especially since we all bring delicious food and have a luncheon!
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